The alarm control button supported by Viva is supplied by Vision. It is a battery-operated alarm controller used to manually arm and disarm the system, trigger panic and trigger a preset.

If the system has the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) enabled, the button cannot be used to disable the alarm since it requires a password. Enabling the alarm is still possible.
After ARC deactivation, there could be a delay of 15 min before the alarm button can be used again as normal. 
Installation of the alarm control button is done by selecting Devices from the menu in the Viva app, clicking Install new... and selecting the Alarm control button.

Once a device is installed, it can be deleted by selecting the correct alarm button from the list under Devices, selecting Delete and following the instructions. 

If the device is unresponsive, or the gateway is no longer available, the device can be factory reset using the following process:
  1. Press all 4 buttons together for 10 seconds.
  2. The LED colors will turn red after 2 seconds for 2 seconds and turn green for another 2 seconds.
  3. The device is now factory reset.