Installation of a sensor is done by selecting Devices from the menu in the Viva app, clicking Install new... and selecting the Smoke & Multi-Sensor.

Once a device is installed, it can be deleted by selecting the correct sensor from the list under Devices, selecting Delete and following the instructions. 

To open the sensor, twist the back and front part. To reassemble, make sure that the 2 small grey dots on the back and front align.

The multi-sensor reports temperature under the following conditions:

- when temperature changes by 2°C
- every 30 minutes


If a devices is unresponsive, or the gateway is no longer available, the can be factory reset using the following process:

  1. Remove the batteries of the Mini Smoke Detector first.
  2. Press and hold the Function button.
  3. While holding the Function button, power on the Mini Smoke Detector by re-inserting the batteries, wait for 10 seconds to factory reset.