Google Home is the smart home system developed by Google, and it is compatible with Viva.

You can control your Viva lights and devices through a Google Home speaker by connecting to the Viva App.

To set up the Google Home speaker with your Viva App you have to go to Google Home app > Add > Set up device > Have something already set up? > Powered by Viva.

With Google Home speaker you can say commands like:

  • Turn on/off Smart Light Kitchen
  • Set Smart Heater Kitchen to 22 degrees
  • Set brightness on Smart Light Kitchen to 50%
  • Set color of Smart Light Kitchen to Blue
  • I am cold
  • ... 

You can also do group commands (E.g if you have more than one light in a room):

  • Turn on kitchen lights
  • Set brightness of kitchen lights to 50%
  • Turn off all lights
  • It's dark in the Kitchen
  • ...

See the installation steps >