Heatit Z-Dim is a Z-Wave rotary dimmer for many different types of light sources. The Heatit Z-Dim works on low loads without causing the lights to flicker. It dims LED-bulbs from 1-200VA , 230V halogen and incandescent bulbs, dimmable LED-drivers and electronic transformers. The dimmer is not affected by startup inrush currents. L+N leads must be connected.

The dimmer is equipped with a multiway switching option. This allows you to light and dim a light source from one dimmer, and later turn it off with another one. Very practical for stairwells, long hallways etc.

The dimmer fits into standard Gira System 55 frame systems.

With the Viva platform it is also possible to control lights (both Z-wave and Zigbee) over the Z-Wave network.