As built-in devices are usually placed inside the socket, and require an electrician to configure, it is not easy to have access to it and click on the physical reset button to delete the device. The switch or button connected to this Fibaro device can be used for removing the device without having to open the socket. 


Follow this procedure to remove a Fibaro built-in device from your system:

  • Go in the smart home app and start the removing procedure of the device
  • Put the device in OFF position (from the app or from the manual switch/button)
  • Once the app is ready, turn ON/OFF 6 times very quickly the switch, or click 6 times on the button (in case there are multiple buttons, do this procedure with the button 1)
  • The app should confirm that the device was properly removed


If this procedure failed, make sure to trigger the switch/button connected to the Fibaro device very quickly and at least 6 times.