The partial alarm functionality allows the user to select which devices are used to detect an alarm breach. It could be used to secure the home while sleeping by including only main door and window sensors. It can also be suited to exclude some devices generally triggered by pets.

Under Settings > Alarm > Partial Alarm Settings you can configure your partial alarm. From the settings you can choose:

  • Which sensors you want to include when the home is set to partial alarming.
  • If you want to have partial alarming as the default. This will make automatic arming and alarm button activate partial alarm instead of the full alarm.
  • To activate automatic night partial arming, which will make the partial alarm turn on automatically when Viva detects that all users has went to sleep and turn off when the users wake up.

In case of partial alarm activated by default, we don't want all sensors checking for guests. Only the ones selected for partial alarm will detect guests, to avoid being deactivated by pets.