radiator controlThe radiator control valve supported by Viva is supplied by Danfoss. 
Installation of a radiator control valve is done by selecting Devices from the menu in the Viva app, clicking Install new... and selecting the Radiator control.
Once a device is installed, it can be deleted by selecting the correct radiator control from the list under Devices, selecting Delete and following the instructions. 
For battery purpose, this device can take up to 15 min to adapt the temperature set from the app.
The Danfoss radiator does not report temperature to the gateway.
If a devices is unresponsive, or the gateway is no longer available, the device can be factory reset using the following process:
  1. Remove the battery cover and take out one battery
  2. Press and hold the bottom centre button for 5 seconds, while reinserting the battery
  3. The device is now factory reset