Smoke detectorSmoke sensor

The smoke detector supported by Viva is supplied by Fibaro, an optical smoke sensor with EN 14604:2005 compliance.

Temperature sensor

This device also embeds a temperature sensor which report temperature every time it detects a change of 0.5 degrees, and this value is used in combination with any other temperature value in the home.
If more than one sensor is present in the same room, the displayed temperature in the app will show the sum average.
This value can be calibrated by the user in the settings menu of the device, ir order to adapt to the real temperature in the room. If this device is the only one in a room, the app will display it with the temperature value.


We recommend to place the smoke sensor in rooms which would not trigger a smoke alarm on a regular use. 
Thus we advice not to place the smoke sensor in the following places
  • Garage: Car exhaust can be seen as smoke
  • Kitchen: Smoke generated by cooking
  • Bathroom: Steam will be seen as smoke
  • Excessively dusty rooms


  • If the device is disconnected or without power, the user will be updated from the app within twelve and a half hours.
  • If the battery status is not updated after replacement, try to remove the battery, wait for 1 minute and insert it again and wake up the device by pressing the button.
  • The battery status may take up to 24 hours to update in the app


If a devices is unresponsive, or the gateway is no longer available, the device can be factory reset using the following process:
  1. Press and hold button until it makes a short noise and starts blinking slowly (5 seconds)
  2. The light will start to change color. When light turns yellow, press once the button to confirm reset
  3. After a couple of seconds it will blink red and make one short noise to confirm reset