The HD IP camera is produced by Foscam for Viva Labs. It has the following specifications:

Picture of Outdoor Camera

  • 1MP 720P HD 
  • Angle of view Horizontal:70°,Diagonal :75°
  • IR Night Vision


Installation of a camera is done by selecting Devices from the menu in the Viva app, clicking Install new... and selecting the Camera, then following the instructions.

Once a device is installed, it can be deleted by selecting the correct Camera from the list under Devices, selecting Delete and following the instructions.


If a devices is unresponsive, or the gateway is no longer available, the device can be factory reset using the following process:
  1. Boot up the camera (plug power)
  2. Wait around 1 min for the boot to be fully finished, no led should be ON
  3. Press and hold reset button for around 15 seconds until you hear a short music sound to confirm reset (if not, please try again from step 1)
  4. Release the reset button and wait for the camera to reboot completely (like in step 2