Viva supports three types of smart door locks: 

Main features

  1. Remote control from the app if the user respects the following conditions:
    • The user has a "Normal" user role
    • The user has a "Child" or "Visitor" user role and is located inside the home zone
  2. Automatic locking
    • When the alarm is armed
    • When all users leave home
    • When the home is asleep
  3. Automatic disarming the alarm when a user unlocks the door from the app

Use an alarm keyfob to control one lock

If you have an alarm keyfob installed (Aeotec or Vision), you can link it to a single door lock to control both the alarm and the lock with a single button. Those buttons have a te possibility to arm and disarm with different pressing ations. This is very practical to not have to use the app to unlock/lock. 
Use case
  • When the user comes back home, he pressed the button to disarm the alarm and unlock the door at the same time.
  • If the alarm is already armed, but the lock is unlocked because of an external action, pressing the arm button will lock the door. No need to open the app.
  • If the alarm is already disarmed, but the lock is locked, pressing the disarm button will unlock the door. No need to open the app.
How to enable it?
This can be done in the fob settings under Devices > Select your fob > options > Select the door lock to be associated.

Note that each model may have additional specific automated functionalities.