Save mode is when the Viva learning thermostat lowers the temperature dynamically to save energy. This will happen automatically when the home is empty or everyone is sleeping, and will cancel itself before users come home or get up in the morning. 

The number of degrees Viva reduces the temperature depends on how long the system estimates is needed to heat the home back up to the target temperature. 

Users can also override the automation by clicking the "Save mode" button on the thermostat tab. Doing this will give three options:

  1. "Until we return": Viva will stay in Save mode until a users comes home
  2. "Until the morning": Viva will stay in Save mode until the system would normally start heating up for the morning
  3. "Until time...": Viva will stay in Save mode until the system needs to start heating up to reach the target temperature at the scheduled date and time.

While in Save mode, the "Save mode" button will be replaced by "Exit", allowing users to manually exit Save mode and start heating the home.