You can connect your Viva account to IFTTT and set up triggers that performs actions based on conditions you set.

To set up the connection, go to this webpage -> settings and connect. You will be forwarded to a web page where you log in with you Viva credentials and that's it, your accounts are connected!

To start actually benefiting from this you have to set up 'applets'. You can choose from any of the predefined ones or make your own by going to 'My Applets' -> 'New Applet'.

There you can choose from a range of triggers based on your Viva system:

  • When a device is turned on
  • When a device is turned off
  • When a sensor reads the current temperature
  • When everyone has gone to sleep
  • When someone has woken up
  • Device turned on
  • Device turned off
  • Motion detected
  • Door opened
  • Door closed
  • Temperature reading received
  • We detect that the home is empty
  • We detect that everyone has gone to sleep
  • We detect that someone has woken up
  • At least one person arrives home
  • Alarm breached
  • Door locked
  • Glass breakage detected
  • Luminance report received
  • Color changed on bulb
  • Door unlocked
  • Battery report received
  • Brightness changed on bulb
  • Smoke detected
  • Water leak detected

The next step is to decide what you want to happened when one of those triggers fire:

  • Turn alarm off
  • Turn device off
  • Turn alarm on
  • Unlock door
  • Change brightness of bulb
  • Lock door
  • Change color of bulb
  • Turn device on

You can also choose from a range of 3rd party applets such as:

  • Send you an SMS
  • Send you an Email
  • Post a tweet
  • Do something with a smart home device not attached to the Viva system