Making a plug, light switch, or light bulb a "smart light" lets Viva control it automatically. Viva uses information about indoor light level, motion, outdoor light level, angle of the sun, time of day and your wake up, work and sleep schedule to control the light source automatically. If smart lights are installed, the lights will not automatically turn on/off untill 1 hour before/after you wake up or go to sleep.

When a smart light is installed you can set the earliest time to turn on. By default this is set to auto. When the earliest time to turn on is set to auto, the smart light will only turn on if its less than two hours until wakeup time.

The "smart light" can also be controlled from the app, from widgets on iOS and Android, and from the Apple Watch app. Making a device a smart light also lets you control it from the "all lights" button. When a user controls the "smart light" manually, the smart functionality is suspended for 2 hours.

Note: This function requires a minimum of 1 multisensor installed.