Viva connects to Netatmo Apps using cloud-to-cloud integration. Viva supports the following devices, available on the Netatmo Energy and Security apps.

Netatmo Security Devices

  • Indoor Camera (Welcome)
  • Outdoor Camera (Presence)
  • Smart Smoke Alarm

Netatmo Energy Devices

  • Smart Thermostat
  • Smart Radiator Valve

Netatmo Authentication

Netatmo access tokens are used to add devices, to monitor them and only you can access the video stream and see the snapshots. 

In order to allow Viva to connect to your Netatmo account, on some occasions we might need to ask for you to authenticate and  some examples are:

  • Add new device Netatmo
  • Server needs tokens to monitor installed Netatmo devices
  • Video stream is trying to be accessed without valid or missing tokens


Devices need to be first installed and configured in the Netatmo app. Only then they can be added to the Viva system.

Adding a device to Viva’s system can be done by selecting Devices from the menu in the Viva app, clicking ‘Install new…’ and then selecting the desired Netatmo device. If it is the first time installing a Netatmo device or the authentication is needed on your device, the Netatmo authentication screen will appear, allowing Viva to get the information about your Netatmo devices and giving you the option to add it Viva.

Both Indoor and Outdoor cameras can be added and used to view snapshots and live streaming. The Smart Smoke Alarm will inform you in case smoke is detected/ cleared.

The Thermostat can be integrated in Viva system to control a single boiler or a heat pump. The Radiator Valve allows for collective or district heating. When using these energy devices, Viva’s smart heating schedules will be used instead of Netatmo’s schedules previously configured (this will not delete them).

Additional information about Netatmo Devices can be found in: