What heat sources can Viva control?

Viva currently has hardware support for wall-mounted panel heaters and radiators. 


Heat Zones

The Viva learning thermostat lets you to divide your home into Heat zones. Heat zones are groups of heating controllers (like radiator thermostat valves) that are controlled together from the thermostat tab in the app and use data from one or more temperature sensors in the Heat zone.

By default, Viva groups all heat sources into one Heat zone, but by selecting Settings->Heat zones from the menu, you can divide your home into several zones. Click "Add heat zone" and select the rooms you want to include in the Heat zone. A new Heat zone requires a minimum of 1 sensor and 1 heat source.

Because Viva requires a source of temperature data to control heating, there is currently no way to directly control a single heat source without an integrated sensor.

Heating modes

  • Comfort 
  • Away  
  • Sleep 
  • Work 
  • Vacation  

The different heating modes is activated by location, motion and your schedule and will control the target temperatures accordingly.

Individual schedule points can be overridden by the end user, so that the user selected time is used instead of the automated selection. In addition, the user can select their own minimum temperature that the system will allow before balancing the heating. Finally, it will be possible for the user to disable pre-heating, so that heating will only start at the scheduled time instead of attempting to reach the target temperature by that time.