When the Service light is off, this means the gateway does not have a valid Internet connection and can't reach the Viva Cloud.

The most likely cause of this problem is that the gateway is not connected to a working Ethernet/Internet port on your Wi-Fi router. Some Wi-Fi routers have different types of ports, where not all of them are Internet ports (for instance, some all-in-one boxes have special TV ports that look identical). Some Wi-Fi routers may have bad ports, so try all of them in turn.

If possible, verify that the port the gateway is connected to actually works as an Internet port, for instance by connecting a computer to it.

You could also try replacing the cable, though this is not a likely problem, or try to restart both the Viva gateway and your router, to see if that resolves the problem.

Be careful, no reset of the gateway should be performed, only reboots. 

To be performed:

- Check Ethernet cable and router port used for the gateway => Plug a computer to the same port using the same cable to be sure it works.

- Reboot the router and the gateway

- Change the ethernet cable and use another port in the router