Description of offline features

The Viva gateway requires an internet connection to fully function. If the gateway loses connection to the internet, it will be in offline mode and some functionalities will be affected:

  • Smart heating, smart lightning and home security will still be working properly. Sirens and alarms can still be activated.
  • The Z-Wave and Zigbee communication will not be affected: All of those devices will continue reporting and can be controlled by the gateway
  • App interactions like video streaming and recordings, remote control of devices and notifications will stop working
  • Location updates from the phone will not reach the gateway: home/away status and automatic arming/disarming of the alarm won't be operational during this period
  • Once an internet connection is re-established, the Viva gateway and connected products will re-connect automatically



We have implemented a warning system where the admin user will be notified regularly if the gateway is disconnected.

Events that will happen:

  • An app notification will be shown in the phone after 15 min of disconnection
  • An SMS will be sent after 2 hours of disconnection
  • A call will be received after 12 hours of disconnection

The Smart Home app will also display a constant warning in the main screen.