If the alarm is triggered the following will happen:

  • Viva will instantly send all users with adult or admin roles a push message informing them of the event.
  • After a short period of time, a second push message will be sent to regular users.
  • If a user does not acknowledge this message by opening the app, an SMS will then be sent to all users.
  • If a user still does not acknowledge the alarm an automated phone call will trigger. 
  • If a camera is installed a recording will start that lasts for 24 hours or until the home is not breached anymore.

Once a user opens the app, the notification sequence will cease for the user, but will continue for other users until the alarm has been turned off.


See also:

- Siren: For users with sirens installed, the siren will be activated. 

- Lights on: If the alarm is triggered during daytime all lights will be turned on and set to 100% brightness. If alarm is triggered during nighttime, outdoor lights are set to 100% brightness and indoor lights are set to 50% brightness. When all alarms are cleared, the lights are set to the state they were prior to alarm. If user manipulates with a light while alarm is active, Viva won't change the light's state when alarm is cleared. This is the default behaviour and cannot be disabled.