The wake up state is triggered when the first user of a home has woken up. This will have a direct impact on the smart  heating. 

Planned wake up

Viva saves an expected wake up time of the home in order to trigger anticipated actions like pre-heating. There are two ways that this planned wake up is defined: 

  • AI schedule: Viva learns overtime when will the home wake up. This is the default way to generate this schedule.
  • Manual schedule: The users can choose to override specific values in the schedule, such as the wake up time (More info here: Article on thermostat schedule)

Real home conditions 

With the help of sensors, the system will detect when the first user wakes up. This is accurately done when the following conditions are all fulfilled: 

  • At least 1 movement detected in a room that is not a bedroom
  • Motion detected 2 hours or less before planned wake up